Who's Who

Revd. David Burrow

Superintendent Minister

David Burrow is the Minister for our entire circuit and guides all 7 churches with the help of his team of workers and volunteers. You'll see him deliver many a service, particularly special sermons like 'Palm Sunday'.

David Rigby

Lay Pastoral Worker 

David Rigby is one of the circuit's Lay pastoral workers which means he does all kinds of things to support the circuit and the people in it. You'll likely see him at the 'Rakefoot Rascals' toddler group and other activities, or you may see him at a service as a Local Preacher.

David Hollows

Ministerial Assistant

David Hollows does lots of work in our church communities as well as reaching out to the local area and other churches in the valley. He's often involved with children's activities like toddler groups and messy church as well as many other community groups and also organises trips to various places throughout the year. 

Shirley Suthers

Coordinator & Supportor of

 Ecumenical Links

Shirley works hard to keep up good communications with other churches, members of the clergy and charities in the area and beyond, this helps us to share our work with the community and vice versa. 

Samantha Mackulin

Communications & Engagement Worker

Samantha is the person who does things like this website, as well as social media and publicising events and groups. If you contact the circuit through this page or the social media pages it's Sam who'll pass you on to the right person or answer your question herself. 

Our Circuit Stewards

Circuit Stewards play an important role in representing their churches and working in partnership with ministers, congregations, church workers and other circuit stewards to help the churches grow and progress. Find out more about Circuit Stewards on our Churches page. 

Joyce Glover

Ken Evans

Janet King