Who's Who


Revd. David Burrow

Superintendent Minister

David Burrow is the Minister for our entire circuit and guides all 7 churches with the help of his team of workers and volunteers. You'll see him deliver many a service, particularly special sermons like 'Palm Sunday'.

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David Hollows

*New role* Mission and Strategy Officer

Over the past year our circuit has been making some changes. We are committed to growing and moving our circuit community forward to better serve the congregations and further communities. For this a new role was formed. It is our long serving lay worker David Hollows who has taken this vital role on. As well as helping move the circuit forward into new ways of working, David will be working on new projects targetting issues in our area such as loneliness and the mental health of young people.

We wish him the best of luck in this new role!

Our Circuit Stewards

Circuit Stewards play an important role in representing their churches and working in partnership with ministers, congregations, church workers and other circuit stewards to help the churches grow and progress. These are the Circuit Stewards for our circuit...

David Rigby

Ken Evans

Jennifer Barfoot

Mark Butterworth (Circuit Treasurer) 

Additional: Janet King (Circuit Administrator)