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Mid-Week Worship - Our Living God

Words by David Hollows

Our Living God

May the peoples praise you, God; may all the peoples praise you. May the nations be glad and sing for joy.

(Psalm 67)

A prayer

This day and all days are yours, Lord God. This day, and all days, you give reason for us to rejoice and be glad for you have loved the world in Jesus your Son, once and for all; for all days and all places, for all time. We bring you our offering of praise in token return for your gift of life. In the name of Jesus we meet and in the name of Jesus we pray.


Praise-time; now please spend as much time as you wish praising and thanking God with your favourite hymns/songs, using perhaps CDs or YouTube. You might like to include this hymn;

O for a thousand tongues to sing (Mission Praise 496)



Prayers; please now use this time to thank God in prayer for the many gifts you have received from His hand this past week. You may wish to use this prayer as well;

Today is a day of celebration as we recall the mighty acts of God; the creation of the world and the bringing into being of all that is and is to be. The Resurrection of Jesus the Son of God who brings us closer to God. The coming of the Holy Spirit into the minds and hearts of all who have faith in God. We celebrate the goodness of God as we focus ourselves on Him, sing His praise and offer our prayers.

Photo by David Monje via Unsplash

Bible reading; Acts chapter 2 verses 16 to 28

Key idea:

You have made known to me the paths of life, you will fill me with joy in your presence. (Acts chapter 2 verse 28)

A prayer

Loving God, open our eyes to the beauty of your holiness and open our ears to the message of your Word. Open our minds to the challenge of your truths and open our hearts to the power of your love. Open our lives to the coming of your Spirit that we may truly worship you now and forever.


The whole of the Bible is a reflection of the living God who created our world and desperately wants relationship with us. He wants to share His life with us at every moment of our lives, in the grand occasions and in the everyday routine. When Peter addresses the crowd at Pentecost (as we read in the Bible story for this service) he reminds his audience that God gives us life; first in the life, death and resurrection of Jesus and now in the Holy Spirit.

The following examples are given by the Christian organisation, Open Doors, to help us appreciate more our living God;

Hana and other Open Door partners are able to distribute parcels to those in need.

‘Parcels are going to pastors and partners who are being sidelined and ignored. Each parcel is a point of hope and mercy for their communities. They contain enough food and soap to get families through at least 2 months.’

It’s also an opportunity to encourage those facing discrimination, give tips on hygiene and show God’s love.

Pastor Huang Lei was a few steps ahead of the rest of the world when it came to virtual church; he had to be as his church is in Wuhan. Once it was no longer possible for the church to meet together, Pastor Huang began to organise for church groups to meet together on-line.

‘We have heard that our elderly and disabled are greatly encouraged by this opportunity for online meetings. Before this, they felt alienated, staying at home like they are abandoned. Now they cherish the connection between believers more than ever. I think it’s bringing us all closer together.’

Damaris is vulnerable because she is a widow and a Christian. But she has attended economic empowerment training sessions and is a member of a self-help financial group with a small micro-loan. Damaris now runs a small business investing in crops.

‘I made a good profit and I bought a set of oxen for ploughing. God has answered our prayers. It is thanks to Him we have been able to do all these things.’

José was recruited by guerrillas when he was a child. He killed his first man when he was only 7 years old. Today he is a pastor and evangelist.

‘We worship Almighty God. People have tried to kill me many times but God has protected me so that I can be a living testimony where I once caused so much pain.’

Many children around the world are still abducted by paramilitary groups. But José’s life shows that doesn’t have to be the end; God is a God of redemption and new hope.

In Ezekiel chapter 37 there is the famous story of when God brings new life to a valley of dry bones and we have a relationship with a living God who cares for us and wants us to have the best of life in Him.

Photo by Khalil Yamoun via Unsplash

A prayer of response,

Lord God, it is amazing how completely you change people’s lives around. Thank you for new life, new possibilities and new hope. Grant me the fullness of your life in me as promised by Jesus.


Prayers for others,

Now please spend time with God praying for people such as Damaris, Hana and José and their situations. You may wish to use the following prayer;

God of justice, encircle the earth and let the nations live in harmony. Price of peace, heal your divided world and let the nations live in harmony. Spirit of reconciliation, breathe your gentleness on all creation and let the nations live in harmony.

Holy Trinity, let justice, peace and reconciliation prevail and the nations live in harmony.


The Lord’s Prayer

Praise-time; now please use the time you have to praise our God with your songs and hymns. You may wish to include the following;

Crown Him with many crowns (Mission Praise 109)



The Blessing; We have laid our burdens down in the presence of the living God. We have been nourished for our journey in the presence of the living God. We have taken on the armour of Christ in the presence of the living God. Now lead us, guide us, defend us as we go into your world, in your name and for your sake, O loving and living God.


Extra; if you have access to YouTube either on-line or TV, please try this new worship song;

What a faithful God – Aaron Keys


Thank you for sharing your worship with us.

God bless you

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