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Mothering Sunday Worship Sheet

Updated: Sep 1, 2020

This Sunday we would have been meeting to celebrate Mothering Sunday, this sheet will hopefully still give you a way to worship in some way at home, with some reading material of memories and anecdotes sent in, a discussion question, a prayer and even some songs you could listen to.

Hopefully this will be useful and do let me know anything you’d like to contribute for next week!

A prayer from Debbie Mackulin:

Heavenly Father,

We have so much to thank you for this Mothering Sunday, it may not look that way, with the world in such panic but we just have to take a step back, think of others and have compassion, love and kindness for each other. That is what a Mother is and does! Sometimes it is hard, Lord, to say no, but it is necessary when we are being selfish, greedy and only thinking of ourselves. Mother’s show us that we must do better regardless of age and gender. Mothers do not always get it right, but it will always come from a place of love and with a child’s best interests at heart. So Lord, on this special day, where we celebrate Mothers around the world, be with all those who are grieving through loss, all those who are separated from their families through all different circumstances, and be with all those who are lucky enough to spend the days together in this time of upheaval.

Heavenly Father take this prayer, in Jesus name, Amen.

Stories, Memories & Anecdotes

'Without Mum’s None of us would be here’

An important reminder sent to us by Martin Kemp, who also told us:

‘My mum fought off Pneumonia last year but sadly wouldn’t know what Coronavirus was, however, she is content and in Highfield Hall as she approaches 101 years old. Long live Mums.’

‘A few funny moments with my Mum: she once threw my school shoes out the front door because I was taking too long to get going, she always defended me against teachers saying I was ‘too quiet’ replying that I’d ‘speak when I wanted to’ and she once thought the sign for the local monument ‘The halo’ was a sign saying ‘hello’ in German.’ – Samantha Mackulin

The Halo, local structural sculpture in Rossendale. Photo by Samantha Mackulin

‘This never ceases to make me smile, When Richard was small, he sat watching my Mum put on her makeup and asked

‘Why do you do that Granny?’

She replied, ‘Because it makes me look pretty’.

Richard thought for a moment and said, ‘Well it doesn’t Granny.’

- Lynne Kemp

Portrait of Debbie Mackulin by Samantha Mackulin

‘My Mum was one of the nicest ladies I ever knew, she had not a bad word to say about anyone but growing up in our family we didn’t celebrate many occasions, so for me it’s not always a big day. I think it’s a hard day for a lot of people because of situations in life. Being a Mother is hard work because you want to get it right, if anyone ever does! My faith has helped me a lot and I’m lucky that in my family we all appreciate each other.’

– Debbie Mackulin

Discussion Question

The word ‘Mother’ can mean many different things to different people, but what does it mean to you? On Facebook Kathryn Evans told us it meant:

‘Unconditional love and someone who will always stand by you, no matter what!’

Why not discuss amongst the people in your home what the word ‘Mother’ makes you think of? Or if you’re on your own, write something down or use it as a springboard to write your own poem or even draw something. Perhaps you could do an acrostic poem where each line starts with a letter of the word ‘Mother,’ or ‘Mother’s Day’ for example:

M ondays could sometimes be blue

O nly Mum could drag me out of bed

T hen I’d be mad, but not for long

H earing her laugh and break out in song

E asy to forget all the things she did for me, but better to always,

R emember.

Musical Dedications to Mothers

If your house is feeling a bit quiet at the moment here are a few ‘Mother’ themed songs you could find online on Youtube (click on the song titles below to have a listen) or dig out of your music library:

‘When Mama Prayed’ by Randy Travis

‘Coat of Many Colours’ by Dolly Parton

‘Let it Be’ by The Beatles

‘Mama Said’ by The Shirelles

Famous Quotes and Poems about Mothers

‘A mother’s love is something that no one can explain – it is made of deep devotion and of sacrifice and pain. It is endless and unselfish and enduring, come what may, for nothing can destroy it or take that love away.’ – Helen Steiner Rice
‘God could not be everywhere, and therefore he made mothers.’ – Rudyard Kipling
‘All that I am, or hope to be, I owe to my angel mother’ – Abraham Lincoln
‘Today’s your natal day; sweet flowers I bring: Mother accept, I pray, my offering. And may you happy live, and long us bless, Receiving as you give, great happiness.’ – ‘To my Mother’ by Christina Rossetti, for her Mother’s Birthday.

Happy Mothers Day!

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