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15th May - Thought For The Day - Treasures In The Darkness

Updated: May 18, 2020

Words by Bev Jones

Treasures in the Darkness

The ancient Greeks had two words relating to time: Chronos and Kairos. Chronos is probably the one that we’re most familiar with as its meaning is to do with chronological or sequential time – measuring time in seconds, minutes, hours etc. Kairos on the other hand is to do with ‘moments’ – it measures the ‘quality’ of time and is used to refer to an opportune moment or a season – a time when something special or significant happens, and is used 86 times in the New Testament.

I wonder if we’re experiencing a ‘Kairos’ moment currently? Something significant is definitely happening, and although there is much about loss and grief, there are undoubtedly opportunities through all this to share something of God’s love for his hurting world, as we walk alongside each other.

Photo by Andrik Langfield via Unsplash

Yesterday, the Prime Minister awarded Tim Hughes his daily Points of Light Award – a prize which has been running since 2014, to recognise individuals who have had a positive impact on society saying:

‘Your sensational singing masterpiece ‘The UK Blessing’ is truly uplifting and has touched millions around the world with its message of hope and its beauty.’

A moment in time when something quite simple has the power to speak beyond and across cultures, into the darkness and grief, and unite millions of people around the globe. An opportunity taken in a difficult time, to share hope.

The Queen in her VE day address to the nation last Friday said:

‘Our streets are not empty. They are filled with the love and support we have for each other.’

Could it be that we are living in a Kairos moment? That despite the tragedy that is engulfing the world, there are signs that as God’s people lean into Him, there is a new revelation of hope? A new language of love that is being spoken into communities, a fresh expression of compassion and care as we invite and allow God to work in us and then through us?

Some years ago, I heard Cheryl McGuiness speak. She’s the widow of the American Airline pilot that was forced to fly his plane into the first of the twin towers in New York. She said the days and weeks that followed the disaster were times of darkness and heartache but there were moments that she referred to as, ‘Treasures in the Darkness.’

Those instances where something briefly lights up the surrounding gloom. That’s something I’ve always remembered and have personally found that even in those darkest times of my life, there have been instances when I’ve come unexpectedly across those ‘treasures.’ We definitely do need to look for them as we seek to navigate this difficult time, so that despite the many constraints that we face, we might look back on this moment in history and see that it was indeed, ‘a Kairos time’, where something significant happened to and through God’s people that had a lasting impact on a broken world.

Photo by Ximena Nahmias via Unsplash

A Gaelic Blessing

May the raindrops fall lightly on your brow.

May the soft winds freshen your spirit.

May the sunshine brighten your heart.

May the burdens of the day rest lightly upon you.

And may God enfold you in the mantle of His love.

The UK Blessing

- Bev Jones


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