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9th April - Thought For The Day - The Time Is Near

Words by Bev Jones

The Time is Near

​ A couple of years ago, just before Easter, I had a conversation with a friend who said that she hates Easter because she finds it morbid. I suggested that although I could understand that about Good Friday, surely she could see that Easter Sunday is a celebration. She thought about that for a moment and then shook her head and said,

'No, it’s no use –

I can’t get past the darkness of Friday.’

I wonder sometimes whether we do try and avoid the darkness of Friday ourselves. Some won’t go to church on Good Friday because they find it too depressing. Yes, it is depressing, and no, we don’t want to get stuck in the darkness of Friday. But we do have to go there.
We have to live Friday first – we have to be willing to come to the cross ourselves and learn how to trust our Father beyond the circumstances. To put our life in His hands –
all of our life, and not just the bits that we’re OK with him controlling. Everything. Our relationships, our money, our jobs, our time, our homes. Our whole lives.

Photo by Patrick Hendry via Unsplash

As we prepare ourselves for Good Friday, let’s remember that although it seemed disastrous, and brutal, and unjust, this was always part of God’s plan. He always was in control. The prophet Isaiah spoke about the suffering of Jesus the Messiah hundreds of years before it took place, and the events that have brought us to this place over the past few days were no mistake. Jesus knew that.
Whenever we engage with a story – either by listening to it or by reading it ourselves, there will be some part of it that stands out to us more than others – and it will be different parts for different people. We’re intricately woven into this amazing Easter story. It’s not about us, but it has everything to do with us – and it was for us. It’s all about God, but it involves us at the very deepest level.
As we come to the darkest of days tomorrow, in our own homes rather than at church, why not read the story afresh, and ask God to speak deep into our souls, as we lament before the one who gave everything for us.

- Bev Jones
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