Going Back to Church
What you need to know

Lockdown Restrictions have been lifted by the government but the virus has not gone anywhere. 

While the rules below will be relaxed in our churches we still recommend you wear a mask in crowded and busy areas, or if you are more comfortable doing so, keeping your distance from others, washing your hands regularly and not attending church if you feel unwell. Please be respectful of others and their worries and concerns. 

Please stay safe and remember hands, face space. 

Please read the information in the slides below or view the downloadable letter with attendence slip attatched to understand clearly what attending worship will be like and what you need to know.
Online resources will still be being produced during this time, so if you don't feel ready to go back yet, you can still view a service online as usual. Thankyou! 

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Download Attendance SLiP Here

Also includes safety info and what to expect, similar to the slides.