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How does OUr circuit work?

If you're not familiar with the Methodist Church, you might wonder what a circuit actually is and what it means?

A Circuit is simply a group of churches in the same area that work together as a circuit rather than being independent churches with one minister. Each circuit is then part of a district, which is a group of circuits across a wider area. 

The Rossendale Methodist Circuit is a part of the Bolton and Rochdale District. 

Being in a circuit means that we can be a part of a larger community that can support and help each other. There are also lots of people who do certain roles within the church, whether as volunteers, preachers or Lay workers and they work across the circuit, rather than just for one church. Read on to the next section to learn more about what these roles mean. 

Roles Within the circuit

There are many different types of roles in the Methodist church and not every circuit will have the same roles filled. This is a brief guide to the roles that you're most likely to come across in our circuit, so if someone tells you they're a 'local preacher' you'll have an idea of what on earth they mean!

Circuit Stewards

Circuit stewards play a vital role in the teams which lead local churches within Methodist Circuits. They work in partnership with ministers, congregations, church workers and other circuit stewards to enable individuals and communities to find fulfilment and belonging within the Church. In our circuit they meet once a month with other church workers for a Circuit Leadership Meeting where important decisions, feedback, progress reports and various issues across the circuit are discussed and worked on. 

As the role is voluntary circuit stewards often carry out their responsibilities alongside full-time jobs, family commitments and other responsibilities


In our circuit, we have one minister, David Burrow, who looks after all the 7 churches and preaches alongside the Local Preachers. This is quite different to a church where you have one single minister and they do almost every service at a single church. 

What it does mean is that you hear many different styles of preaching and different perspectives.


Local Preachers are often people who were congregation members who have studied for a local preachers qualification, almost like doing a degree. Local preachers do sermons around the circuit and so you'll likely see lots of different people.

If you need guidance on something, don't think you always have to go to the minister, a local preacher just might be the listening ear you need! 


Church Stewards are people who often work with preachers to arrange what's needed for their services and help them on the day, they also do a variety of other voluntary work to help the life of the church. They can be great people to speak to to get to know more about a church and what goes on.

As the role is voluntary stewards often carry out their responsibilities alongside full-time jobs, family commitments and other responsibilities

Lay Workers

Lay Workers are people who work for the circuit but usually aren't members of the formal clergy. Their roles can be different but they all work to help with the running of the church from planning events, working with the community, helping to support people in the congregations etc. You can find the specific people who work for the circuit on our 'Who's Who' Page. 

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